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Cosmetology degree is required almost for any job in the beauty industry.

Careers in Cosmetology

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Barbers shave, cut and groom mens' and and boys' hair. This occupations is getting a lot of attention lately with new barber shops opening daily.


Cosmetologist is an umbrella term describing beauty professionals who have accomplished a corresponding degree and can work with hair, nails or skin.

Cosmetology Instructor

Want to take your cosmetology career to the next level? Like to teach people? Becoming an instructor is what you need.

Electrolysis Technician

Electrolysis, along with laser, is the most popular method of hair removal nowadays. Electrologists are in high demand, given they have accomplished a training program.


Estheticians mostly work with people skin - body and face. A very common treatment is facial mask and light facial massage.

Hair Stylist

Becoming a hair stylist is a great way to unleash your inner creativity and earn a decent wage down the road.

Makeup Artist

With the development of social media THIS is the right career to get into today. However, to work in a salon, you will need to undergo a training program.

Nail Technician

Nail techs, or as they often called, manicurists (or not that often - pedicurists), unsurprisingly, work with people's nails, A formal training at cosmetology and licensing are needed.

Permanent Makeup Artist

Permanent makeup artist are often getting confused with tattoo artists. Although techniques they use are somewhat similar, these are two different careers.